Strength, Mobility and HIT Training

Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson is a personal trainer and wellness advocate based in Sydney.

After 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy Anthony mastered his health and fitness levels on a special forces selection with the Australian Army, he took his health and fitness skills to the masses, completing his Personal Trainers certificate and founding AUSFIT Outdoor Fitness in Sydney’s North.

AUSFIT’s approach was revolutionary: it focused on holistic and sustainable changes to wellness and gave its clients the best chance at success.

Rather than only drumming the importance of physical activity into his clients without the added support and advice that could foster real change, Richardson partnered with a local physiotherapist and local nutritionist to ensure his clients had the best opportunity to reform their health.

Anthony designed the AUSFIT 10 Week Course to offer the people of Sydney a wellness course where they not only take their fitness to the next level, but they receive education through Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition and Goal Setting workshops. Anthony does this by connecting with the best in the industry and bringing them to you. 

As a lululemon Ambassador Anthony loves to engage with the community whenever he can, offering FREE Boxing classes in Balmoral Beach each Saturday morning ensures there’s always an option everyone can afford. 

The Training

LOCATION: Waverton Park, Waverton 

TIME: 0630-0730 Monday-Friday

COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate (basic understanding of general exercises required)

The training throughout the 10 Week Course includes;

STRENGTH – Weighted Training (Tabata, Endurance, Circuits)

HIT – High Intensity Training (AMRAP’s, EMOM’s, Sprints)

MOBILITY – Joint mobility and strength (Warm-up, Cool-down) 

Each Week our Training will include a mixture of the above, with the ultimate training goal to increase your level of cardiovascular and strength fitness as well as increasing your joint mobility and flexibility.  

The Workshop

When it comes to managing work/life balance in order to achieve goals, Anthony is the man to see! Whilst maintaining full-time employment in the Australian Defence Force Anthony built ‘AUSFIT Group Training’ – a morning/evening fitness group on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, ‘AUSFIT Torsion Bars’ – a fitness equipment manufacturing and distribution company servicing government, commercial and public sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Whilst building and managing these businesses as well as his full-time Military Employment, Anthony founded a tech company which has successfully partnered with a large US based software provider which is due for release in 2017.

In the week one Goal Workshop you will walk away from this workshop with your Goals set! Using the S.M.A.R.T goal setting principals we will create goals based on not what you want but on how you wish to feel. Focusing on Fitness, Professional and Personal goals. 

Setting goals around emotional feelings create a more meaningful target and generally help you remain on track to achieving them. 

We will set our goals in WEEK 1, with a revision at WEEK 5 and goal discussion at WEEK 10.