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The 12 Minute Holiday Workout

… aka Twelve Minute Madness! The Easter period is almost like a mini Christmas: you want to have a big brekkie on Easter Sunday and/or Easter Monday? You want to indulge in scrambled, poached and fried eggs with bacon and hash browns, Shorizo, mushrooms, smoked salmon, avocado instead of having your protein shake? You want to go on an Easter egg hunt and come back with empty pockets, because you have eaten all the chocolate already on the way? If can answer at least one of these questions with YES, then you will have(!) to go through our AUSFIT approved holiday workout! But don’t worry, it only lasts twelve minutes…



What you need:

1x stopwatch/countdown timer

1x small grassed areabunny_stretch


What to do:

5-10 x Push Ups

5-10 x Squat Jumps

30-50 x Mountain Climbers (each leg counts)



Begin by starting the countdown timer set at 1 min, then conduct the Push Ups, Squat Jumps and Mountain Climbers. This should take around 40sec to complete, gauge your reps accordingly. The remaining time left in the minute is your rest time. Conduct the same process for the remaining 11 minutes to complete the workout, maintaining maximum effort and strict form during all three exercises. Deep Push ups, powerful Squat Jumps and high Mountain Climbers!




Know you have earned 1 (in words: one) Easter egg! Now adjust your workout according to chocolate consumption…