Nutrition & Inner Wellness

Simon Favorito

Coming from a lineage of wholefood chefs, at a very young age a Simon was drawn into the world of pure foods and natural health.

With over 17 years experience as a Wholefoods chef, consultant & integrative wellness coach, Simon combines plant-based medicine wisdom with natural health principles to bridge the gap between the body & mind through the alchemy of the senses.

Through this, he guides people into their own unique understanding of wholistic nourishment & sensory awakening.

Simon is the creator of Sydney-based business Our Conscious Kitchen specialising in personalized pure foods coaching & programs.

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The Workshop

In these interactive workshops, Si guides each person through a journey of awakening the senses while delving deep into the world of integrative wholefood medicine & wellness.

From raw, living, seasonal and fermented foods, to traditional tonic herbal wisdom,medicinal mushrooms, food energetic, food combining & food grade essential oils.
Through these sensory classes, Si brings together the pieces of the wholefood puzzle to awake the creativity and personal understanding that each person needs to begin creating their own personal health food culture.