Meditation & Mindfulness

“what a beautiful day
when I come to see
that what I am chasing
isn’t running….”

Em Cruickshank

Em has had a long term love affair with the practice of yoga since trying her first yoga class in 1998. Practicing on and off due a long fought illness and a snapped ACL, Em finally made the decision to follow her heart to her mat. Leaving her corporate career behind at the age of 36 to finally follow a deeper seated passion, Em has a unique insight into challenges faced when seeking balance in todays world. Em is a non nonsense practitioner and teacher, grounding her teachings and practice in a space of personal responsibility and ownership.

Qualifying as a Yoga Teacher with Bryon Yoga under John Ogilvie and going on to study Yin/Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers, Maty Ezraty, Jo Phee and Paul Griley and Ty Powers.

Em specialises in Yin Yoga and Mindful Meditation practices and brings a sense of inquisitiveness, nurture and joy to her teaching style.

With a focus on a practice that cultivates an awareness of the Body-Heart-Mind connection and an insatiable appetite to continue broaden her knowledge , Em loves to explore alongside her students – her greatest teachers!


The Workshop

Mindfulness In Action:
Have you ever jumped in your car, arrived at your destination and then wondered how you got there..remembering nothing of your journey?
Opened a packet of biscuits and suddenly noticed that you are holding an empty packet? I think we all have been there!

It’s such a common occurrence, in fact so common that research shows we are absorbed in our wandering minds 47% of the time…we are not really present in our own lives nearly half of our time?! It’s a state known as “auto-pilot”.

These days we live a life of hyper-connectivity. Continually available,continually in “doing mode”, constantly in the space of ‘getting stuff done’, ticking off to do lists and living by the clock. All this to feel connected. But are we? And what is the true cost of our ‘connectivity’?

In this workshop we take a deep dive into our ‘autopilot’, our habitual minds, to shed some light on the mechanics of it all and the effects our autopilot has on our lives (the good the bad and the ugly!).

Exploring mindfulness, we will gain some insights into the proven benefits of introducing a mindfulness practice into our daily lives – REDUCING stress,anxiety,depression,insomnia (also an effective pain management tool) whilst INCREASING our sense of vitality, immunity, clarity, peace & calm, focus & attention and overall HAPPINESS.

You will walk away from this workshop with some everyday practices to implement that are super simple and take no extra time at all, along with some life long tools to consistently bring you back to your sense of ease and peace.

Research shows that mindfulness turns out to be the single most important determining factor of whether or not you will be happy in your life. In other words the more mindful you are the happier and more content you are.